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How to get glowing skin naturally?

17 Feb 2023
How to get glowing skin naturally?

Want to know how to get glowing skin naturally? Here are 9 natural tips to get glowing & radiant skin.

Your skin is literally an outward expression of what is going on inside your body, amplifying the results of healthy habits OR displaying struggle with the opposite. Its radiance is highly dependent on both how you are caring for your skin on the outside AND how you’re treating your body on the inside as well.

1. Eat a Clean Diet

Diet is listed first because it is always the most fundamental. Your body needs live, nutrient-rich foods to thrive and function optimally. That is, plenty of high-quality {aka local and organic} fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, raw nuts, and seeds. Foods that are processed/refined, contain additives and preservatives, are genetically modified, have pesticide residue, not only contribute to the toxic load on the body but fail to provide adequate nutrition. For one, without proper nourishment, your skin does not have the building blocks it needs to build collagen, which is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Animal products should also be kept at a very minimum or eliminated completely.

2. Eliminate Obstacles

There are certain habits that directly contribute to ageing by either dehydrating the skin, inhibiting nutrient absorption, and/or preventing the proper oxygenation of tissues. These include alcohol, smoking {a major offender}, and coffee (ouch!). Use moderation and if possible, replace all of the above with healthier habits!

3. Exercise

Regular exercise is tremendously important as it increases blood flow throughout the body, sending vital oxygen and nutrients to the skin surface. This nourishes the cells, while also carrying away waste products and free radicals (that would otherwise be damaging to the skin). Exercise also has been shown to decrease stress, which has a major impact on skin vitality by balancing cortisol levels. Note: to prevent clogged pores, avoid wearing makeup when exercising!

4. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is paramount when it comes to having radiant skin. It is the time when your skin cells are regenerating and renewing themselves, restoring their natural balance. Lack of sleep, on the other hand, will lead to inflammation, accelerated ageing, increased skin sensitivity, and a dull, dehydrated appearance.

5. Hydrate Internally AND Externally

Your skin is 64% water and needs constant replenishment through adequate hydration. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston swear by a constant supply of water to keep her skin looking young and radiant, and science supports it too =). Skin that is dry and dehydrated becomes more prone to wrinkling, sagging, and dullness. Be sure to drink 8-10 glasses of purified water/day and apply a good quality moisturizer to help seal it all in!

6. Have a NATURAL Skin Care Regimen

Your skin thrives on natural, high-quality, organic ingredients as opposed to chemically-laden ones. Since your skin absorbs into your body 70% of what you put on it, this issue becomes even more significant. Only choose the best ingredients for your skin so that you can look forward to radiance in the long-term!

7. Engage in a Full Body Detox

Since your skin is a major organ of elimination, it is essential to undertake a full-body detox periodically. Great ways to do this include juice cleansing, herbal tea/tincture preparations, intermittent fasting, and steam saunas. If you’re really up to it – do them all! Be sure to consult a Naturopathic Doctor to help you determine a safe and effective protocol.

8. Take Himalayan Salt Baths

Himalayan Salt Baths are a fantastic therapy that is extremely beneficial to your skin health. Acting as both a mineral soak and powerful detoxifier, it nourishes and cleanses the body simultaneously, boosting overall radiance. It will also leave you feeling refreshed and energized, promotes better sleep, soothes away muscle soreness, and decreasing stress all while improving the texture, tone, and appearance of your skin.

9. Daily Meditation

Meditation is a powerful daily tool that teaches you how to rest your mind, causing a raising of the “Qi” vital energy. This energy invigorates your cells and skin tissue, boosting vitality and the flow of “life essence”. Many recent studies have also revealed that meditation has the power to even reverse markers of ageing!

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