Nano-Encapsulation & Micro Emulsification: The Scientific Bedrock of Our Formulations

Our secret lies in the fusion of two groundbreaking technologies: nano-encapsulation and micro emulsification. These innovations elevate our formulations, ensuring that each product offers you unparalleled benefits.

Scientifically Validated Rigorously Tested By Independent Third Party Lab

Product Test Evidence Result
Cleansers Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). 40% reduction in water loss from epidermal layer post usage. The protective barrier function of the skin remained intact.
Moisturizers Skin Hydration using Chronometer. 56% increase in skin hydration. 86% in intracellular water.
Serums Profilometry using Silicon Imprints. Increased collagen production by 1190%. Significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles with depth between 0-110 μm.
Serums Cutaneous Elasticity using Coulometer. Increased skin firmness by 30%. More defined facial contours by 75% participants.