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Masking Tips To Save Your Skin This Winter

13 Feb 2024
Masking Tips To Save Your Skin This Winter

Face masks have always had a moment in the trends, and this year was no exception, but on top of that, this pandemic gave us the kind of face masks we never really wanted and some maskne too. So before the usual winter woes enter, and all of these together spoil your holiday mood, we need a skin-fix!

Let us all agree that face masks and packs are the most indulgent part of a relaxing skincare routine, you can’t say no to these easy-peasy staples and are always excited to try what’s new in the store. From 60 second treatments to overnight repair masks, there’s so much to explore. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you out with stocking up on these quick fixes that are worth trying when it comes to instantly troubleshooting skincare concerns. Ready?

Overnight Mask for happy-looking skin

If you’re running on a tight schedule during the daytime, and this wintery weather has left your skin feeling dull, dry, and dehydrated, then a moisturizing overnight mask is the one for you! Look for something with antioxidant properties and nourishing ingredients, and use the mask as the last step in your night routine depending on how dry your skin is to help build up moisture reserves for the day.

Works best for: Dry and Dehydrated skin

Clay Mask for a quick detox

Clay masks target a variety of skin concerns. From controlling oil and clearing congested pores to lightening blemishes without leaving the skin feeling tight and dry, clay masks are the perfect multi-tasking products one should have in their skincare line-up. If you’re still looking for one that works great for all skin types, then do try out the Refresh Botanicals’ 100% Organic Dry Clay Masks – the best in organic and natural skin care. These are available in two variants – The Refreshing Magical Mask, which contains Canadian Glacial and Indian Healing Clays, and the Classic Magical Mask, which contains Indian Sandalwood and Canadian Glacial Clays. Just like the many benefits of these ingredients, these masks can be used in many ways too – like body wraps, foot and body scrubs, as face and body masks, and even for a relaxing mineral bath. Interesting right? You can mix them with Rosewater, Honey, Milk, or anything that suits and soothes your skin.

Works best for: Oily, acne-prone, and congested skin

Gently exfoliating mask for bright skin

It can often feel like an extra step, but to have a reliable exfoliating mask on hand is such a quick fix for everything! It helps slough away dead and dull skin cells, promotes healthy skin and complexion with the right amount of cell turnover, and makes your skin look bright and radiant without being overly abrasive. You can go for something with mild AHA’s and natural humectants, so your skin doesn’t feel stripped by the end of it all. If you’re specifically looking for brightening benefits, then go for ingredients like Vitamin C, and Niacinamide.

Works best for: Dull skin and uneven skin tone

Besides these top 3 types of masks, Sheet Masks are also quite popular! They are fun to use and may give your skin an instant glow, but the benefits don’t last for long…plus, the one-time-use factor makes it add up to the ever-increasing beauty waste, and we’re totally against that. So instead, go for something that can be used multiple times, that would save you some money too! Make sure you’re staying away from skin-irritating ingredients like mint, eucalyptus, menthol, and alcohol, and always patch-test first.

Happy Masking!

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