Let your skin – Refresh, Relive and Revitalize in natural and organic way! Refresh Botanicals™ products are specially formulated for eye and skin sensitivity.

Premium Quality Products

All our products are MADE IN CANADA and are of premium quality with ingredients sourced from trusted sources which guarantee their ORGANIC and NATURAL origin. Our products have NO Parabens, NO gluten, NO petroleum or animal by-products and NO artificial fragrances. We take pride in keeping our products highly ethical with NO animal testing. Our products are suitable for all skin types including conditions of rosacea, eczema, acne or psoriasis.

Keeps Your Skin Healthy

A healthy skin not only is an indicator of your overall health, it also helps you build confidence. Besides providing premium quality products, we also believe in sharing of knowledge on regular basis to keep you informed on ways to keep your skin in great shape and defy the aging effects through our regular blogs. So always stay tuned to our blogs and our social media profiles to keep you abreast of latest technological advances along with the Ayurvedic concepts for healthy skin.

Any Time, Anywhere

We always strive to make our products available to our customers through as many channels as possible for their convenience. Besides being sold on our own website, they could be purchased visiting the stores after locating them through our store locator. Our products are also sold through 3rd party websites as Amazon, Ebay, etc. to help our customers to access the products with ease. Let us know if you are still finding it difficult to purchase our products. We are here to help you!

Feel fresh and revitalized

Refresh Botanicals products guarantee you to provide the best skin care experience. You are bound to feel fresh and revitalized after using these products. Organic cucumber and the cornflower water are the chief ingredients which soothe and calm your skin and help maintain the pH balance of your skin. Also, being free from harsh chemicals, they are not only safe for use, but also help create youthful and gorgeous skin!



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