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Customer Review

I have been using this product for last 1 yrs now and absolutely love it. I use it with my refresh facial cleanser and both are best combination.. My husband never use his moisturizer but because his skin now gets dry in the winter this is his new face cream. I highly recommend this product.
Meghan Mathew
I have very dry skin, and this product is one of the best creams I’ve tried. personally, I’m not a fan of face creams because I’m extremely lazy when it comes to skin care, but this one smells so good and it’s so refreshing that it makes me want to use it almost everyday. Wish I discovered it sooner.
The product is wonderful. It melts into the skin when applied. Dries smooth and does not feel sticky. This the first product, and I have tried many, which has relieved the dryness and irritation that I have during the winter. The fragrance is very light and disappears quickly. I will definitely purchase it again.
I am 71, with sensitive, dry skin. This product is so soothing to my skin that one application a day is all it takes to keep it feeling soft and pliable. I also have eczema, and this cream helps keep it to a minimum, so I have to use my medications less. It smells so nice, Love it!