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Eye Serum or Eye Cream – which one is for you?

17 Feb 2023
Eye Serum or Eye Cream – which one is for you?

Eye Serum or Eye Cream – this is a curious mystery for those who are looking for solutions to their under eye bags, dark circles, sun spots, fine lines or crows feet. Also for those as well, who want to be proactive in taking measures to prevent appearance of ageing signs on their face. You must be asking which one is for you? This confusion is further amplified by existence of millions of skincare products that are sold today! It’s really difficult to know exactly what you should be using to benefit your skin or whether you should be using at all. Difference between Eye Serum and Eye Cream or sometimes referred to as lotion is most puzzling. Why do you need them at all? Let us find out the difference and understand how do they act differently on you!

Eye Serum or Eye Cream – What’s the difference?

Between moisturizing factors and nutritional benefits, there are a lot of similarities between eye serums and creams but the differences will help you decide which one you need.

Texture – thick or watery?

Texture is the most easily recognizable feature you will notice while using the two. The eye creams or lotions are thicker and heavy due to high concentration of oils and fats and lower content of watery components. On the other hand, eye serums have very low viscosity and almost free flowing like water.

Mode of action – surface vs deeper action! 

The two products have totally different modes of actions. Eye creams offer skin surface level treatment and are generally are used for moisturization to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated and looking airbrushed. Very rarely, they might have active ingredients for specific benefits but their absorption into the skin is limited due to the larger molecule size of ingredients. The thicker ingredients are used to create a barrier on your skin for retaining the moisture. This is great for locking the moisture but on the downward side, it can also lock active ingredients out.

Eye serums act in a totally different manner. They are highly concentrated in active agents (or the better substitutes – bioactives) that are meant to be fully absorbed into your skin. The molecular size of these active agents is very small that assists in quicker absorption. Their treatment starts below your epidermis and their application do not leave any residue on the skin surface.

Skin type – a decisive factor for eye creams not for eye serums 

Selection of Eye Cream mainly depends on your skin type – whether it is dry, oily or a combination as they act on the surface. Meanwhile, Eye Serums are meant for all skin types – only thing to be avoided is the synthetic allergens that can do more harm than good.

Costs – affordable vs premium!

Usually, the creams are affordable but require application in larger amounts as their major part comes from fillers or fat molecules which are not very costly. Eye Serums come with super-rich ingredients, nutrients and collagen-enhancing proteins that penetrate deep into your skin. They are premium priced but upside is that only a small quantity is required. A 30 ml bottle usually lasts for around 6 months! Refresh Botanicals Eye Serum come with a special pump that dispenses just the tiny amount you need. This eye serum comes with 8 BIOACTIVES and NO SYNTHETIC ingredients! 

Selection of an Eye Serum mainly depends on your skincare goals such as getting rid of black circles around the eyes, reduction of eye bags or puffiness around the eyes, removal of sunspots/ age spots or wrinkles. Usually, they work for all skin types as they are quickly absorbed by the skin. The active biomolecules are critical to the efficacy of the Eye Serums so you must always read the information on the ingredients before using them. 

How do I apply – Eye Cream and Eye Serum?

Because of the difference in basic ingredients of eye serum and eye cream, the way they are applied also differs. Initial steps are common to the application of both – Eye Serum and Eye Creams:

  1. Wash your face with lukewarm water before applying. This will allow your skin to get rid of exterior dirt and oils that have been carried throughout the day. Too much warm water will strip your skin of protective layer so be careful!
  2. Clean and dry your hands before applying. This is important even if you are using a pump bottle or any other applicator to ensure avoidance of any contamination.

Applying Eye Creams

Very delicately, you should begin to lightly rub the eye cream into each area around your eye (from your eyebrow region to the top of your cheek), making sure to avoid irritation too close to your eye itself.

It may take up to 15 minutes for your eye cream to fully absorb. Be sure not to rub off any product or apply anything else to your skin that would disrupt the absorption process!

Applying Eye Serums

Take a small amount (very small pea size) on back of your palm and lightly apply around the eye area with the tapping of fingers.

It may take up to 30-90 seconds for the product to be fully absorbed after which you can use another product. Use twice a day for best results.

Hopefully, now you understand – Eye Serum or Eye Cream – which one is for you!

If you are looking for benefits related to Eye Serum as getting rid of black under eye circles, puffiness under your eyes or thin ageing lines that have started to appear, I would personally recommend Refresh Botanicals’ Premium Eye Serum.  They have currently a limited OFFER running for new customers – Use code EYE20 to get $20 OFF and FREE SHIPPING across Canada!!

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