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Revealed – Benefits of Using A Night Cream Everyday

17 Feb 2023
Revealed – Benefits of Using A Night Cream Everyday

The night is more magical than the day! While you might be excused for skipping a complete skin care routine in the morning, night is one of the best times to pamper your skin.

Throughout the day, your skin is exposed your skin to harsh UV rays, pollutants and, yes, never-ending stress. All this makes it all the more important to take care of your skin during the night. To maintain a glowing complexion and skin that looks fresh and hydrated, you need to choose the right products and invest time in your skincare routine.

Why the night time is so important for skin care?

At night your skin cells undergo a natural process that help repair themselves. During the 7-hour sleep, because of the darkness and minimum external disturbance, your skin cells undergo faster regeneration. Skin cell rejuvenation nearly doubles at night, especially between 11pm and 2am.

Also, experimental studies have indicated that sleep deprived people are perceived as less healthy, less attractive and more tired than people who have a normal night’s sleep.

Since your skin cells are working hard during the night time, they are very eager to absorb lots of nutrients. And this is why a good night skin care routine is important as your skincare products will provide much needed nutrients that can accelerate the cell regeneration cycle. The result will be younger-looking skin with renewed cells!

Why removing makeup before going to bed is crucial?

Make it a habit and stick to it for life if you want youthful skin for life! REMOVE all your makeup and CLEAN the skin properly before going to bed. This is a crucial step that no one should skip. But you need to do little more to maximize the health of your skin. You need a very gentle face wash devoid of chemicals that addresses the issues as dehydration, redness and collagen damage that occurs to your skin throughout the day. 

Refresh Botanicals’ Natural Face Wash with cucumber and cornflower water can be immensely helpful in cleaning your skin without dehydrating it.

Ingredients a night cream must have

Certain ingredients are very critical in promoting the cells’ regenerative process. Vitamin A and Vitamin C are the two crucial skin nutrients, provided they come from natural sources rather than synthetic ones. Vitamin C is well known for rejuvenating the sun-damaged skin, even showing significant improvement in diminishing wrinkles after applying for 12 weeks.  Vitamin A has impact on the deeper layer of skin in managing the hydration. Besides this, your night cream must be able to take care of hydration (do you know your skin temperature is higher at night that leads to loss of moisture!) and controlling the sebum production.

Night Cream or Serum?

Face serums and night cream are the two most confused items in our skin care routine and most of us are not able to distinguish the usability of the two.

Face serums as the name indicates are serums mostly rich in bioactives that are meant for quick absorption. They are mostly used in our day care routine before the skin is loaded with makeups, BB creams and moisturizers.  Night creams as explained previously, are meant for overall well being and rejuvenation of your skin during the night. The ingredients are meant to gradually penetrate in your taking care of the natural absorption process. They mostly treat the surface of the skin rather than deeply penetrating into it.

How to choose a night cream that works?

So now when you have realized the critical importance of the night cream, you must be wondering which one to choose from the crowded skin care market. Refresh Botanicals’ Night Restore Complex one of the most amazing night cream and the reason is the unbelievable combination of ingredients! To name some of them – cucumber extract – a super rich source of Vitamin C, olive leaf extract – source of flavinoids important to tackle wrinkles and sun damage, jojoba oil – with Vitamin E & B-complex, honeysuckle extract – for improving skin tone, lentil extract – to manage oily areas of skin, fig fruit extract – for dark spots and many more. The list is long and impressive!

Although we say never judge a book by its cover but it’s undeniable that people’s perception and their behavior is guided by your skin’s health. So maintaining a proper night skincare routine is very small effort to experience the amazing benefits of it, especially when you can beautify your skin while you sleep!

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