What NOT To Do In Your Skincare Routine

best organic skin care products
best organic skin care products

We read a lot of posts every day, that tell us to do this or do that, but no one tells us about what ‘not’ to do, maybe that’s the reason why a perfectly put-together routine isn’t working for you anymore!

Internet is an opinionated place, there will be advice that you never asked for, and sometimes there could be some really good things too, that you never knew you needed. What one person swears by could be a reason for disaster for the other, and that’s why we say that skincare is very subjective. But as always, there are some things that you should strictly avoid, and today we’ll just be talking about them!

NEVER Do This To Your Skin

Sometimes the rumors are real, and based on these real talks, we have got a list of top 5 things/products that almost everyone on the internet disapproves of, Let’s go!

Applying Actives During The Day Time

Never apply unstable actives like AHA, BHA & PHA during the day. Even Vitamin C, which is really stable, should preferably be used during nighttime. This is because actives can break down (oxidize) under UV rays, and this not only makes the concentrated ingredient inactive and useless but also leads to hyperpigmentation.

Pro Tip – We recommend you to use a nourishing moisturizer after using any active ingredients in your skincare routine, it will form a protective layer over your skin, maintaining effectiveness as well balanced hydration. Try the Cucumber and Aloe Extract Moisturizer from Refresh Botanicals. Aloe Vera, being a natural emollient, keeps the skin barrier strong while Cucumber helps to cool down the skin with its soothing properties.

Using Petroleum Jelly As A Moisturizer

We know it’s been in the trend lately, but let us be very clear, Petroleum Jelly is an occlusive, not a moisturizer. It’s a moisturizing agent that prevents trans epidermal water loss, but no, it can’t replace a moisturizer ever.

Pro Tip – You can try the ‘moisture sandwich’ if your skin type is dry, or the barrier is compromised, or even if you want a deep nourishment. Start with slightly damp skin, pat a few drops of serum into your skin and then spray some mist or just dampen your skin again with some water, then moisturize, and finally use an occlusive like petroleum jelly or some facial oil.

Over Cleansing

Very common, but rarely discussed. Over Cleansing triggers your skin to produce more sebum than usual, and not just that, it can make your skin excessively dry and stretchy. If you know you know, squeaky clean is a no-no!

Your skin barrier protects your skin from dirt, bacteria, and environmental pollution, but what if you strip off all the natural oils by using harsh cleansers? This can make the skin barrier really very weak, and that’s why the skin gets so irritated – causing breakouts, redness, inflammation, rashes, and whatnot!

Pro Tip – Look for antioxidants and pH balancing ingredients in your cleanser, and make sure it’s SLS-free. You can try the Lemon Gel Facial Cleanser or the Cucumber and Aloe Extract Cleanser from Refresh Botanicals. These are not only mild but also come in airless bottles which enhance the shelf life of the antioxidants as well as the natural ingredients, making them even more effective.

Sleeping With Your Hair Out

It could be good for the hair as it reduces scalp tension, but for your skin, it’s a bad idea. Sleeping with your hair out is a common reason for forehead breakouts, clogged pores and tiny bumps, and that’s due to the oils and hair care products we use.

Pro Tip – Wash your hair every other day (if your scalp is oily), avoid harsh ingredients and bad chemicals in your hair care products, change your pillowcase every 3-5 days, and exfoliate your skin once or twice a week with mild chemical exfoliants.

Using Too Much Product

Don’t be tempted to juice up your skin, remember, less is more. Use a pea-sized amount for creams, grape-sized amount for cleansers, and a rice-sized amount for serums and treatment products.

Pro Tip – It’s always better to under-apply than over-apply, make sure to follow the right order (from thinnest to thickest), and never use multiple new products at the same time.

Besides these tips, don’t forget to apply and reapply your sunscreen regularly, and yes, be patient. Good skin isn’t Amazon Prime; you can’t have it in two days.

Stay tuned for more tips and guides, and don’t forget to check us out for the best organic skin care products.

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