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Our research has produced products with significant benefits to your skin:




Stimulation of hyaluronic acid production and elastin productionPrevents skin from saggingImproved skin elasticity and decrease of cutaneous fatigue in 28 day in vivo tests
Reduces fine lines in 2 hours, increases intracellular water by 85% in 2 weeks, increases Sodium PCA by 150% and Citrulline by 450% in 2 weeksYounger looking skin and increased moisturizationFourteen in vitro and in vivo tests to prove efficacy
Boosts Collagen, smooths surface, reduces crows feet and wrinklesReduces visible signs of agingIn vitro and in vivo testing showed increased Collagen production by 1190%. Wrinkles and crows feet reduced negative volume by 21.1% and positive volume by 27%
Builds natural barrier function and improves Stratum Corneum moisture and biomechanical propertiesImproves dry, flaky skinIn vitro and in vivo tests produced 47.7% improvement in 48 hours