Rock star ingredients fix under eye bags & dark circles

Under Eye Bags
Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags or dark circles are the early signs of aging that require immediate attention. There are many reasons for appearance of these dark circles and bags under your eyes. In addition to lack of sleep before night, age-related skin thinning increases the visibility of small blood vessels under the eyes, creating a darker color and an uneven tone. Another major factor is sinus congestion, which restricts the normal flow of fluid around the eye area and causes an aneurism around. Other unknown causes include allergies, a sodium-rich diet, hormonal changes and underlying medical concerns such as hypothyroidism, tear gland dysfunction, and eye infections.

Fortunately, the current new generation of eye treatments are equipped with powerful ingredients designed to help treat these problems. There are three main recommendations here.

1. Vitamin K-1 for elasticity of under eye skin!

What it is: Fat-soluble vitamins are also known as phytonadiones.

What it does: The main function of vitamin K-1 is to activate blood clotting proteins that help prevent uncontrolled bleeding or bleeding throughout the body. Due to its fat-soluble nature and its ability to promote blood clotting, vitamin K-1 is ideal as a topical treatment for all disorders caused by vascular lesions. When applied topically, vitamin K-1 easily penetrates into the pores of the skin and transmits deeply to the dermis, where it effectively targets damaged capillaries. Vitamin K-1 normally works to support blood clotting and the process of eventual filtration, which ultimately allows the skin to heal on its own. The amazing benefits of vitamin K-1 recovery have been recognized by plastic surgeons who have used vitamin K creams for many years to reduce injury and postoperative scars.

What you need to know: Apart from its great ability to treat injury and inflammation, vitamin K-1 is also helpful in improving the elasticity of your skin. The loss of excess elasticity of your skin is caused by high concentrations of calcium and phosphates that accumulate solid crystals in the connective tissues of your skin, causing them to solidify. One of the main proteins involved in slowing the accumulation of harmful calcium is activated by an enzyme based on vitamin K in its synthesis. Studies have confirmed the fundamental importance of vitamin K-1 in preventing this calcification from the extracellular matrix and maintaining skin elasticity. One of the amazing sources of Vitamin K is Fig Fruit extract though it is also found in green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts. The skin care products specifically anti-aging serums as Refresh Botanicals PREMIUM Eye Serum use this unique property of Vitamin K to help remove dark circles and under-eye bags. Fig Extract present in this serum not only a rich source of Vitamin K but also a potent antioxidant and free- radical scavenger that’s rich in key flavonoids (including anthocyanins) which works wonders on the skin. It softens and soothes the irritated skin and help reduce skin discoloration as that of aging dark circles under the eyes.

2. Peptides – Preventing Dark Circles!

What it is: Found in almost every tissue in your body, peptides are one of the building blocks of life.

What it does: Peptides are formed primarily by a series of amino acids linked by solid bonds of nitrogen and carbon. Long chains of amino acids known as proteins cannot enter the epidermis due to their molecular size, but peptides, due to the short chain length. Once in the skin, peptides act as a messenger that sends signals that tell the skin cell receptors how they function. This ability to influence the matrix response of the skin has made peptides an element in the growing demand for modern skin care products.

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein – which is one of the active ingredients in Refresh Botanicals PREMIUM Eye Serum, is a rich source of both anionic and cationic amino acids that are critical to the peptide formation. This helps keep your skin both smooth, supple and helps ward off the aging process!

3. Maple Extract – the Best New Antiaging Agent

What it is: Worldwide there are some 150 species of Maple out of which 10 are known to be native to Canada.

What it does: The researchers at the University of Rhode Island presented the findings of a study, which found red maple leaf extract may contain fountain of youth-like effects by acting as a protector of elastin — the compound that keeps skin looking bouncy and full — in the skin. Skin elasticity is maintained by proteins such as elastin. Wrinkles form when the enzyme elastase breaks down elastin in the skin as part of the aging process.

What you should know: Refresh Botanicals PREMIUM Eye Serum has this amazing Maple Bark extract as one of the bioactives providing you the best anti-aging ingredient!

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