Refresh Botanicals™ – Canadian skin care brand creates splash in Indian market!

India, Are you Ready to Refresh Your Routine? Refresh Botanicals™ not only launches its organic facial care line in India in March 2021, but brings employment in the midst of a global pandemic

In a few short weeks, Refresh Botanicals™ is making its way across oceans to launch in India. After launching the brand successfully in our home country years before, Refresh Botanicals™ became a Canadian household favourite for natural and organic skin care and spread quickly to US markets.

Refresh Botanicals™ - Canadian skin care brand creates splash in Indian market! 2

President and Founder of Swift Innovations, Jagvir Singh is thrilled to be bringing his brand, Refresh Botanicals™ home to India where he was born and raised prior to making a move to Canada. Swift Innovations is a leading Canadian skin care formulator, manufacturer and distributor with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that meet Canada’s stringent health and standard regulations.

Refresh Botanicals™ - Canadian skin care brand creates splash in Indian market! 3

A key differentiator of Refresh Botanicals™ is wearing the claim of being highly organic and also scientifically proven formulations that are worthy to compete even against the most chemically driven skin care brands.

Our brand’s intellectual formulations boast efficacious claims of diminishing fine lines in just two hours and increasing intracellular water by 85% in only two weeks. Additionally, Refresh Botanicals™ is packed with antioxidant and vitamin support for the skin through the curative properties of bioactives.

Refresh Botanicals™ was founded by the philosophy that skin should be calmed when distressed, conditioned daily, and protected always with the botanical life-force of plants and without parabens, gluten, petroleum by-products, animal by-products, artificial fragrances, oils or alcohols.

The product line is formulated especially for reactive skin types and geared towards anti-aging and acne prone skin; however, Refresh Botanicals™ is also made for men and women, all skin types, and any stage of life.

The India launch is scheduled for mid-March where our locally hired sales force will be making their mark starting in the northern part of the country and trailblazing their way to the southern regions. Refresh Botanicals™ will be available for purchase at brick and mortar operations to modern retail shopping malls in major metropolitan and class cities and is also available online through brand website – www.RefreshBotanicals.com as well as common e-commerce platforms as Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and Smytten.

Swift Innovations forecasts the creation of 300+ direct and indirect jobs in India by the end of the first year. “… We are building our sales team to support the launch of Refresh Botanicals™ and anticipate to hire 6 Key Account Managers who will be leading around 100 beauty advisors and 25 supervisors from various states across India” says, Mr. Naveen Sharma, Director of Sales and Operations (India).

In tandem, Swift Innovations is aiming to support the Indian economy through manufacturing their newer product lines in India and eventually operating their own manufacturing facilities.

Additionally, Mr. Jasjit Singh Kahlon is leading the Refresh Botanicals™ market launch strategy for the Indian market. His expertise in marketing and business management spans decades with a primary focus in investor relations. His network is vast and also contributes to facilitating brand awareness to Indian consumers.

There are series of exciting events planned beginning from March 20, 2021 in collaboration with credible faces and beauty and skin care influencers.

“We anticipate that Refresh Botanicals™ will become an Indian household favourite by offering immeasurable value for ethically sourced, organic skin care. The ethos of Refresh Botanicals™ is what I believe, a globally cherished perspective: everyone wants healthy skin and healthy skin starts with nutritious, organic skin care products” – Jagvir Singh, President and Founder of Swift Innovations.

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