Daily Facial Moisturizer
(Rose and Coriander)


Daily Facial Moisturizer
(Rose and Coriander)

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Our proprietary blend of cucumber extract and cornflower water is formulated for all skin types, and specially formulated to hydrate and provide cooling, soothing, antioxidant protection to your skin with no oily residue.

  • Free from parabens, gluten, petroleum and animal by-products
  • No artificial fragrances, oils or alcohols
  • 99.7% natural or naturally derived
  • 83.7% of the plant material is organic
  • Available in 100ml/3.38 fl oz
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This moisturizer offers Rose and Coriander fragrance with soothing effects of cucumber!

Intoxicate your senses with nature’s gorgeous offerings – Rose harvested from the blooming flowers that can captivate your mind and skin into state of serenity. 

Coriander oil derived from Coriandrum sativum plant promotes healthy, clean, and clear skin. It promotes wellness from the head—as a headache remedy—to the toes—as a treatment for athlete’s foot. The oil has high levels of antioxidants which gives coriander the ability to prevent free radical damage to the skin while improving the skin complexion. When used topically, after being diluted with a carrier oil like jojoba, almond, or coconut oil, coriander reduces age spots and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Organic sweet almond oil and coconut oil infuse your skin with healthy fats to reduce inflammation, while providing a deep dose of moisture so you can say goodbye to dull, flakey skin and hello to a smooth and glowing complexion. Jojoba oil closely resembles your skin’s own natural sebum. This is excellent news, because it means that jojoba will be readily absorbed, leaving behind no greasy residue, all while softening your skin, fighting bacteria, and reducing damaging free radicals. The addition of jojoba oil to this moisturizer makes it a must for all skin types, because while coconut provides that deep down hydration, jojoba helps to control and even out oil production in the skin.

Our proprietary blend of cucumber extract and cornflower water helps to soothe and calm irritation while watermelon adds a burst of freshness while improving skin texture thanks to its gentle exfoliating properties.

All skin types can benefit from this gorgeous moisturizer. You will especially love it if you have sensitive skin and have found that other moisturizers have aggravated your condition in the past.

4 reviews for Daily Facial Moisturizer
(Rose and Coriander)

  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    My skin feels, as smooth as a rose after trying this product. The moisturizer perfectly mimics the feel, and the smell of a rose, so I would definitely rate this product high. I love roses that is why I choose to purchase this product.

  2. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    I honestly love the fragrance. It goes perfectly with my personality. Plus, the texture is amazing. It’s worth the money. :)))

  3. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    I love this product! This is a must try! 💖

  4. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    This product’s smell calms me and makes me feel fantastic. I would totally recommend this product.

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Cucumber Extract: Cools and soothes the skin, high in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Provides a healthy glow to skin.Cornflower Water: Calming & soothing, perfect for sensitive skin and eyes.Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Coconut Oils: Hydrates while controlling sebum production without the oily appearance.Jojoba Oil: Contains natural, human-sebum mimicking properties that lessen excess oil production.Watermelon Fruit Extract: Improves the skin's texture by non-abrasive exfoliation.
Moisturizing is essential, but it’s also easy to screw up, leaving skin greasy, pimply, or even drier. Follow these steps for moisturizer application to get healthy and glowy in the best kind of way.
  1. Wash your face before applying moisturizer with a gentle cleanser. We would recommend using Refresh Botanicals Foaming Facial Cleanser. A good skin care routine would have you wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning, and once in the evening (before bed). When washing the face, use lukewarm to warm water. Hot water will dry your skin.
  2. Pat dry your face with a towel and apply moisturizer before your skin completely dries.
  3. Pump the required amount of moisturizer into the palm of your hand. 
  4. Dab some moisturizer onto specific parts of your face. Using the first two fingers of your dominant hand, apply dabs of moisturizer onto your face in the key dry areas such as your: forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and neck. If one of those areas is particularly oily, don’t put a dab of moisturizer in that area. Don’t forget to include your neck in both your washing and moisturizing routine.
  5. Spread the moisturizer around the rest of your face. Using the first two fingers of each hand, spread the moisturizer upwards and outwards from each dab on your face. Use a swirling motion to blend the moisturizer into your skin. It’s usually easiest to start at your neck, and work your way up your face to your forehead.
  6. Allow the moisturizer to dry before applying makeup. Once you’ve blended your moisturizer into your face, allow it to dry for about 1-2 minutes before doing anything else. After that 1-2 minutes you can then apply any other products you want to your skin, including makeup.
Note: If you’re applying a separate layer of sunscreen to your face, apply it after your moisturizer.