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Refresh Botanicals™ is formulated to create the skin you want.

We, Refresh Botanicals™ is formulated to create the skin you want. Healthy skin should be calmed when distressed, conditioned daily and always protected naturally with the botanical life force of plants.. We use medicinal herbs plants in the preparation of our products to make them highly effective and reliable. Our manufacturing process involves the basics of ayurvedic procedures along with modern facilities to get high quality products.  We have a tried & tested quality evaluation process which helps us in monitoring and controlling the quality level of our products.


There are many scent and perfume products available that contain very strong natural and unnatural fragrances. Although some of these fragrances are natural, they can often cause skin and eye sensitivities. Refresh Botanicals™ is formulated especially for eye and skin sensitivity. The light, natural fragrance of Refresh Botanical products is a mild cucumber scent that fades quickly after application.

Reduces fine lines in 2 hours, increases intracellular water by 85% in 2 weeks, increases Sodium PCA by 150% and Citrulline by 450% in 2 weeks

Refresh Botanicals wishes Happy New Year 2019!

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