Relieve, Restore and Revitalize with Refresh BotanicalsTM Everyday Care and Extra Care

Reveal healthy looking skin with Refresh BotanicalsTM and leave the science to the mad scientists. Our formulations give you the skin that you want without the addition of parabens, gluten, petroleum by-products, animal by-products, and artificial oils, alcohols and fragrances.

We want you to put your best face forward with ethically sourced organic skin care products that are formulated for your skin care concerns. Say “goodbye” to irritated and dehydrated skin and “hello” to radiant, balanced skin. Awaken the skin that you want with specific bioactives, phytonutrients, vitamins, and antioxidant support.

Refresh BotanicalsTM is specifically formulated for men and women, for all skin types and tones, at any stage of life.

Refresh BotanicalsTM is formulated without parabens.

Many everyday items in our pantries and medicine cabinets contain parabens. Parabens are chemical compounds that function as preservatives used in hair care, skin care, oral care and even baby care products. Many studies have shown that parabens are safe; however, more recent research is showing that parabens may have a direct linkage to cancer. It has also beenrevealed through scientific that parabens mimic the hormone estrogen, which can trick the body into producing less, or sometimes more estrogen.

Refresh BotanicalsTM is formulated without gluten.

The intolerance to ingested gluten is called celiac disease. The intolerance to gluten can also be topical and can irritate the skin, causing rashes and acne.

For clear, hydrated skin and without the oily appearance, Refresh BotanicalsTM is formulated without unnatural oils.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that uses natural oils to cleanse the body. Many people with oily skin (excess sebum production) fear that using oil on their faces will only make their skin more oily and prone to acne breakouts. Natural oils such as jojoba oil can mimic human sebum production and trick skin into thinking that it is sufficiently lubricated. The skin then simply stops producing as much oil and becomes more balanced.

The use of unnatural oils on the skin can cause the skin’s pores to be clogged and acne breakouts.

Refresh BotanicalsTM uses only natural alcohols to lubricate and stabilize your skin.

Natural alcohols are classified as ‘good alcohols’ while unnatural alcohols are often classified as ‘bad alcohols’ or ‘pure form alcohols’. Alcohols to avoid in facial care are SD alcohols, ethanol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and methyl alcohol.

  • Short term effects of ‘pure/bad’ form alcohols include dehydrating the skin temporarily and can cause the skin to produce excess sebum and trigger acne breakouts.

  • Long term effects of using pure form alcohols on the skin include making the skin more vulnerable to sun damage and environmental toxins by breaking down the skin’s natural barrier.

Natural alcohols including cetyl alcohol can be classified as a lubricant and stabilizer, and act as a wax base for maintenance or improvement of the skin’s moisture barrier. Other good alcohols are cetearyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol, a derivative of the coconut.

Refresh BotanicalsTM does not use artificial fragrances in our products.

Many products on the market today are heavily scented with natural and unnatural fragrances. Although some of these fragrances are natural, they can often cause skin and eye sensitivities. Refresh BotanicalsTM is formulated especially sensitive skin and eyes. The light, natural fragrance of Refresh BotanicalsTM products include rose and coriander, cucumber and aloe, lemon, neroli and grapefruit, and lavender chamomile. All of Refresh BotanicalsTM scents are mild, natural, and dissipate after use.

Refresh BotanicalsTM is formulated with specific bioactives to address your specific skin care concerns at the molecular level.

Bioactives is essentially extracting specific molecules out of organic material to address very specific skin concerns.

While Refresh BotanicalsTM sounds like a bunch of ingredients that could be found at your local grocery store, our botanical extracts and oils have been specifically sourced on a molecular level for specific targeted action. By extracting bioactives from plant materials, Refresh BotanicalsTM is packed with rich antioxidants and phytonutrients for your skin. The end result? Skin care that does what it should be doing – leaving your skin healthy and radiant!

Refresh BotanicalsTM is formulated with the addition of advanced phytonutrients to reveal flawless looking skin.

Phytochemicals are naturally occurring compounds in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Many laboratory studies reveal that many phytochemicals act as antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals and removing their power to create damage to the skin. Phytonutrients also are a great anti-inflammatory for the skin, enhances cell turnover, and detoxifies the skin.

Refresh BotanicalsTM is formulated with antioxidant protection.

The leading cause of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots is oxidation of the skin cells caused by free radicals. Powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C absorb free radicals therefore slowing the ageing process of the skin. All of Refresh BotanicalsTM Everyday and Extra Care Products are formulated with a proprietary blend of Cucumber Extract and Cornflower Water to offer additional Vitamin C support.

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