Q: I have really oily skin, are you sure that I should be using products with oil in them?

A: The oils present in the Refresh Botanicals™ products are all natural and can do no harm to your skin. Natural Oils, especially Jojoba Oil is one of the only oils that can mimic human sebum and can actually trick your skin to produce less oil. So, ultimately the skin’s p H is balanced naturally.


Q: My skin is very acne prone, are you sure that Refresh Botanicals™ products are not going to make my skin worse or cause me to breakout?

A: Unless you are allergic to a certain ingredient in the product, you shouldn’t have any side affects including worsened acne. There are no harsh alcohols or chemicals in the Refresh Botanicals Facial products that can cause your skin to be dehydrated and then produce excess oils that could then cause you to break out. Many chemical based products that are used to treat problematic skin often dry out the skin which can then in turn create mini microscopic cracks in the skin that makes the skin more prone to industrial pollutants and bacteria.


Q: My skin is super dry, should I use the Refresh Botanicals™ Intensive Serum every day?

A: It’s important to take a few things in account when it comes to dry skin. Do you wash your face regularly? What are you using now? Does your cleanser contain harsh sulphites? Does your toner or moisturizer contain anything other than cetyl alcohol for alcohol bases? The Refresh Botanicals Cleanser has coconut oil in it, so it won’t strip your face of its natural oils and it cleans quite well due to its oil-pulling technologies. (Oil binds to the dirt and is rinsed off). It would be best to use the intensive moisturizer until your skin’s pH balance is restored and then you could move towards the daily moisturizer which is a lighter moisturizer.


Q: I have very sensitive skin, would Refresh Botanicals™ products work for me?

A It should! The Botanical products do not have any harsh chemicals that could potentially harm or irritate your skin. The Refresh Botanicals formulations for all the products are meant to be calming and soothing towards the skin. Cucumber Extract and Cornflower Water, which are the primary ingredients for all the botanical products are soothing and cooling towards the skin and calm the most distressed skin suffering from rosacea, breakouts as well as, eye sensitivity.


Q: Will the Refresh Botanicals™ Eye + Face Makeup Remover remove water proof makeup and mascara?

A: The Refresh Botanicals™ Eye + Face Makeup Remover will remove most long wear eyes shadows and foundations. It really depends on what waterproof mascara you use. Many companies that create waterproof mascaras formulate the mascaras with a specific ingredient that only their makeup remover will remove. This is a marketing scheme that forces the consumer to only buy their products.


Q: How long does it take to know if a product is working for me?

A: It often depends on what results you would like to see. Normally a rule of two weeks: with regular use, it normally takes two weeks to notice any changes in the skin. If your skin automatically reacts after the first use of the product, it would be wise to contact the manufacturer and discontinue use of that particular product.


Q: When should I use a toner and what is its purpose?

A: A toner should be used after cleansing the skin. Its main purpose is to prepare the skin to receive maximum absorption from your Refresh Botanicals™ Moisturizer. It also is specifically used to close the pores after cleansing as well as to balance the overall skin tone.


Q: What are parabens?

A: Parabens are chemical compounds that are used as preservatives in everyday items such as, hair care, skin care, oral care, baby care, and household items such as packaged goods that contain chemical additives. Studies have shown that parabens are safe for us; however, an equal amount of studies have demonstrated that parabens have a direct linkage to cancer. Besides studies showing that parabens mimic the hormone Estrogen, Parabens are simply unnatural chemicals & we would like to keep our products as natural as we can while formulating them to be as effective as unnatural products.


Q: Why are mineral oils and petroleum by products bad for my skin?

A: Petroleum based products have been used for decades; however, they do not give your skin the ability to breathe. Petroleum based products act as a plastic shield on the surface of the skin: petroleum based products sit on the surface of the skin and so the body is unable to release the toxins that it needs to through the pores. When Petroleum based products are applied to the skin, the skin will immediately feel hydrated when in actuality the skin is receiving a false sense of hydration: petroleum by-products can in no way nourish, restore, or hydrate the skin nor have they been proven to. Not only is this common personal care ingredient not good for your entire body, but it also is known to slow cellular regeneration: the skin is unable to “breath” and fails to release toxins or get oxygen which could contribute to the damage of collagen, elastin and connective tissue.


Q: What age group is the Refresh Botanicals™ line created for?

A: The Botanical products have been created for all ages, ethnicities, and skin types. Refresh Botanicals™ facial care line is created especially for sensitive skin because the products are highly natural and free from parabens, petroleum-by-products, gluten, and artificial oils, alcohols, and fragrances. Anyone could use the Refresh Botanicals™ line unless they are allergic to the natural ingredients.


Q: Do the botanical products affect fish, wildlife, rivers and streams?

A: Essentially anything that goes down the drain can harm the fish, plant and wildlife that rely on local streams, rivers and ecosystems. Refresh Botanicals™ products are free from unnatural chemicals including, parabens and fragrances which could have a negative effect on various ecosystems. The Botanical products can be used safely by the consumer and will not have a negative effect on the environment afterwards.


Q: Can I use the Botanical products all year round? Is Refresh Botanicals™ line season specific?

A: Refresh Botanicals™ products do not contain petroleum by products, which automatically allows your skin to breathe. For most, the essential care products such as the Botanical Facial Cleanser, Toner, and Daily Moisturizer are often used all year round. The natural ingredients in the products are able to nourish and hydrate the skin the way it needs to be naturally. For added moisture during dry seasons, the Botanical Intensive Day Serum and Intensive Night Serum should be used regularly.


Q: Is Refresh Botanicals™ tested on animals?

A: Refresh Botanicals™ products are not test on animals. Taiga BioActives Inc. has received extensive feedback to support their product research and development from active and willing participants who try out and test our botanical products. The participant feedback receives the highest regard and shapes how the products are formulated.


Q: Would a natural product work as well as an unnatural product for anti-aging?

A: Yes, Alpha hydroxyl-acids, which are present in all of the Refresh Botanicals™ products, are known to slow down the physical signs of aging which include, dehydrated skin, and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and mature acne. Alpha hydroxyl Acids can be found in both natural and synthetic forms and are often added to many cosmetic products to reduce signs of aging. The most natural of Hydroxy Acids are glycolic acidlactic acidcitric acid, and mandelic acid.
Plant derived, natural, Alpha Hydroxy Acids are found in all of the Refresh Botanicals™ products through ingredients like Citric Acid, Apple Fruit Extract and Watermelon Fruit Extract.


Q: It says that Refresh Botanicals™ contain Cetyl alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol, why are these alcohols better for my skin? Won’t they dry out or irritate my skin?

A: Taiga BioActives Inc. will not use pure form alcohols do to their potency. Pure form alcohols are SD Alcohol, Ethanol, Methanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, and Methyl Alcohol and should be avoided do to their ability of dehydrating the skin and causing the skin to then produce excess sebum, leaving the skin vulnerable to acne outbreaks. Pure form alcohols are often associated with thinning out of the skin, thus making the skin be more likely to sunburn and more susceptible to environmental toxins. Cetyl Alcohol (classified as a lubricant and stabilizer which is in all of the botanical products) acts as a wax base which assists in the maintenance or improvement of the skin’s moisture barrier. Other less potent alcohols include, Cetearyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol which can be derived from coconut oils.


Q: How is the Refresh Botanicals™ Facial Cleanser actually cleaning my face when it contains Coconut Oil?

A: Cleansers containing natural oils such as coconut oil can be very beneficial to the skin. Based on ancient Ayurvedic therapies such as oil pulling methods, natural oils have a tremendous way of pulling and binding to toxins and dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils with harsh chemicals. Washing the face with a cleanser that contains natural oils will bring the skin back to normalcy by balancing the dry and oily areas.