Cucumber : Your skin’s new BFF

best natural and organic products
best natural and organic products

Have you been thinking to get a relaxing day off, and indulge in some refreshing facial at a professional spa or salon? Well, guess what? Sometimes you don’t need to break your bank for that soothing skin detox, what your skin’s been craving for might be right there in your fridge!

You must have read about it in the title already, yes, it’s cucumber. If you’re wondering why only Cucumber, then we have some really interesting things to share, just read on to find what we’re exactly talking about.

Not Extra, But Extraordinary!

Well-well, it’s always a debate that – “what you can eat, can be used on the skin”, we say – No!

No doubt, these fruits, and vegetables are rich in natural antioxidants and nutrients and are extremely healthy for your body, but if used directly on the skin, these can be quite harsh. Take, for example, Lemon – pH 2, highly acidic, can cause extreme itchiness and irritation, leading to sensitivity and hyperpigmentation, or for example, Tomato – pH 4.05-4.65, again acidic, can cause rashes and redness to your face if you try to rub it on your skin directly.

But you see, both of these are used in several organic skin care products, and those products are marked safe for our skin too, want to know why? That’s because when being used in skincare, these are first balanced according to our skin’s natural pH, which is between 4.7-5.75, and mind us, even the points make a huge difference. But then you must be wondering why Cucumber is an exception? Because it has a pH of 5.12-5.78, and that falls between our skin’s natural pH bracket. Does it all make sense now?

Here’s a tip, before applying any natural ingredient on your face directly, check its pH first.

It’s Got More Than That

Not just pH-balancing, Cucumber is 96% water, which means super hydrating and cooling too. Here are some ways you can use Cucumber in your everyday skincare routine,

De-puffing the eye area

Be it tiring routines, lack of sleep, or hereditary reasons, we all struggle with puffy and swollen eyes every now and then. A quick way to give your eye area a cooling relief is by simply putting a slice of cucumber on top of your eyes. It’s rich in Vitamin C and Folic acid, and because of its high water content, Cucumber relaxes the extremely gentle under-eye area with extra soothing – calm and care.

Make it a Mist!

Making a mist is easy, and it will come really handy to treat and calm sunburns, rashes, allergies, and itchiness. Just peel, slice, and put the cucumber in a pan with a glass of water, heat over a low flame for 5 minutes then transfer the content to a blender and give it a good grind, finally sieve it and put the liquid in a spray bottle. The only thing it lacks is preservatives, so don’t store it for more than 3 days.

What about a Mask?

If you think rubbing it directly on your face is a little messy, then we’ve got something messier for you! Just kidding.

Here’s the trick – Grate some cucumber and squeeze it nicely, you’ll get a lot of its juice that you can either mix with gram flour or any of your dry masks. It will add a soothing touch to your favorite masks and will make them even more effective.

Can We Make It Simple?

Want to get straight to the chase without getting into the DIY mess? Well then, you’ll be surprised to know that most of our products have Cucumber extract as their foundational ingredient. Why we chose Cucumber? Because it’s a natural pH-balancing agent that suits all skin types.

Refresh Botanicals’ certified organic products are made with over 85% organic, and 99% natural ingredients. We make a loud and clear claim that our transparency is the best thing about us, and our formulations are the best thing about our products. Wondering what makes our product formulations so unique? A formulation only turns into a product once all its ingredients are well-balanced. That’s one of the reasons why we have kept Cucumber extract at the base, and have carefully built the rest of the product with concentrated ingredients. Interesting fact check, we use micro-encapsulation technology to make our products. This unique technique captures the essence of the ingredient by covering it up in a tiny molecule, which not only ensures that the freshness and the effectiveness of the ingredient stay intact, but also helps the concentrated formula to reach the targeted area quickly and effectively.

Okay, we’re done with the science, let’s get on to the practicality part. Here’s a simple routine with our much-loved natural and organic skin care products,


Our Eye+Face Make-up Remover is a gentle but effective way to remove makeup, pollution, and dirt from your pores, while calming and hydrating your skin with the best of skin-soothing ingredients – Cucumber extract, Cornflower water, and Honeysuckle extract. It’s a no-rinse formula, sensitive skin-friendly, and great for all skin types.

Mild Cleansing

Wash every trace of dirt and impurities off your face with our sensitive skin friendly, hydrating and purifying – Foaming Facial Cleanser. Enriched with the goodness of Cucumber extract, Cornflower water, and Coconut oil, it nourishes and softens the skin with every cleanse.


One of the most important step in any skincare routine is Toning. Choosing the right toner is the key to healthy and balanced skin. Our Facial Toner comes with a pump packaging so you can use even the last drop of the product. It has Cucumber extract and Cornflower water to deeply hydrate and prep the skin for the moisturizer.


Packed with exotic botanical ingredients and oils, our moisturizers provide targeted action with just one pump of the product. Available in six different variants, all of these have Cucumber extract and Cornflower water as their basic ingredient, and then some additional ingredients (as mentioned on the bottles) for specific and targeted concerns.

We recommend you to read the instructions on the label, so that you can apply it the right away, and yes, that’s all your skin needs – a well balanced C-T-M, for that happy and healthy glow.

Don’t forget to check out our products, if you haven’t yet. See you again next time with another interesting read, have a great day!

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