Cucumber – the superfood for skin!

Cucumber – the superfood for skin
Cucumber – the superfood for skin

What’s that? Green and slender, is it Green Lantern? Is it a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Is it the Hulk? No! It’s Cucumber – the skin superfood!

We have all heard of cucumber being lauded by all and sundry for its innumerable benefits. We have all probably lauded it ourselves. Everyone and their grandma swears by the benefits of cucumbers. Some of its wide array of benefits includes things such as being rich in antioxidants, being packed with heart-healthy nutrients, being an excellent detoxifier, being anti-diabetic, and, of course, being a wonderful source of hydration.

Do you know that cucumber is a superfood not just for your health in general but for your skin specifically too?

Of course, we know that it hydrates our body, which is good for our skin. We also know about its soothing effect on our eyes and its magical effect on under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Just slice it up, put a couple of slices on your eyes, lean back and relax. In the meantime, you can snack on the remaining cucumber. In addition to these benefits, cucumbers have some lesser known but equally wonderful benefits for the skin. These are:

Soothe that sunburn

Like aloe, applying cucumber on your skin goes a long way to soothe sunburn.

Sun shield

Being rich in antioxidants, cucumber can prevent sunburn from even happening in the first place. This is why it is often found in sun protection and sun damage alleviation products.

Hydrate and keep away those lines and wrinkles

Being an excellent hydrator, cucumbers can keep the skin optimally moisturised and reduce an excess of lines and paper-like skin. It also tightens and tones the skin, thus, keeping it supple.

Begone inflammation!

Just like it soothes sunburn, cucumber can also soothe other types of skin inflammation. The cooling effect of cucumber goes a long way in relieving the pain of inflammation and in reducing the inflammation itself.

Zap away that acne

Acne builds up either due to too oily skin or too dry skin. In both cases, cucumber can come to your rescue. For too dry skin, eating cucumbers can raise the skin moisture level to an optimum point. For too oily skin, applying cucumber on the skin can lower the skin sebum levels to an optimum point, unclog the blocked pores and reduce acne.

These are just some of the benefits of cucumber, an often overlooked superfood. It is a fruit that keeps on giving. Whether you apply it on your skin or you eat it up, your body will thank you for it. So, what are you waiting for? Go right ahead and grab that cool, delicious, crunchy fruit. Eat and apply your way to a skin that glows with happiness from the inside.

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