How to take care of Kapha skin?

The Ayurveda is a time-tested whole-body approach to achieving and maintaining health and well-being, practiced in India for the past 5,000 years. According to the Ayurveda, there are three basic body types: Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. These body types extend to your skin type.Those who, like me, are Kapha have an excess of earth and water and are blessed with the skin of eternal youth. Because of its thickness, Kapha skin is resistant to fine lines and wrinkles and tends to age more slowly than other types. Their skin remains youthful well into middle age. Because of my Kapha skin, everyone always thinks I am younger than I am.Kapha skin is soft, supple, and cool to the touch. Kaphas do not suffer from the dryness and premature aging of Vattas or experience the sensitivity and irritation of Pittas. Their skin is thick and moist, and tends towards large pores.Because of its cool nature, Kapha skin handles cold, dry weather with few issues. If you have Kapha skin you may even find that it is at its best in the [...]

Your Guide To Pitta Skin Type: Combination of Fire and Water!

Yoga and Ayurveda are time-tested whole-body approach to achieving and maintaining health and well-being, that originated in India around 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda defines three basic body types: Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. This classification is based on psycho-physiological principles called doshas. These doshas govern all the activities of the mind and body and determine the physical characteristics and emotional and mental tendencies of every human being that extends to your skin type as well. Common Pitta Imbalance Symptoms Those who are Pitta have an excess of fire and water. Their skin is soft and warm to the touch. The skin is one of the primary places where Pitta resides in the body, so it is especially vulnerable to imbalance. Pittas have highly sensitive skin.When in balance, Pittas have a beautiful rosy glow and dewy complexion. When out of balance their skin becomes oily and prone to breakouts. Pittas burn more easily in the sun than other doshas. They are also more likely to suffer from to rashes, rosacea, and psoriasis.Pittas have classic combination skin, with both oily zones and drier areas [...]

Your Guide To Vata Skin Type: Air and Ether

The Ayurveda is a time-tested whole-body approach to achieving and maintaining health and well-being, practiced in India for the past 5,000 years. According to the Ayurveda, there are three basic body types: Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. These body types extend to your skin type. Vata Imbalance SymptomsThose who are Vatta have an excess of air and ether. Their skin is cool to the touch. It is fine and delicate, with small pores. When young they have the perfect porcelain complexion, smooth and free from blemishes.Because of the delicateness of their skin, however, as they get older Vattas are prone to wrinkles and premature aging if they do not take care to consistently moisturize and hydrate. They are also highly vulnerable to dry, windy weather, and if their skin goes out of balance it will become dry, flaky, and prone to eczema and irritation.   How To Balance Vata Dosha SkinIf this is your type, in order to balance the cold, drying energy of your Vatta skin you need to focus on two key words: soothe and hydrate.Hydration is essential for Vatta skin. [...]

Get Rid Of Redness Fast This Holiday Season (Especially After One Too Many!)

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration. If you are like most people they are also one of the busiest times of year. With all of the shopping and decorating and parties, and time with family and friends, your schedule is hectic. It can be hard to find time for yourself. Get Rid Of Redness & Irritation with Cucumber Extract and Cornflower Water That’s why you should treat yourself to the Refresh Botanicals Extra Care Twin Pack of Intensive Serum and Night Restore Complex. Specially balanced with our proprietary blend of cucumber extract and cornflower water, all Refresh Botanicals products are designed to naturally reduce the redness and puffiness of one to many late night Christmas parties, and soothe the irritation of time spent out in the winter cold.Formulated for all skin types, our Night Restore Complex hydrates and heals even the most sensitive skin, restoring its natural pH balance and regulating sebum production with just the right amount of sweet almond and jojoba oil.Our Intensive Serum penetrates more deeply, providing extra hydration and regulating oil production. It contains [...]

Ingredient Spotlight: Cucumber Extract for Skin Benefits

Cucumber extract is one of the signature ingredients in all of the Refresh Botanicals products, and for good reason. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, cucumber is one of the healthiest things you can feed your skin, no matter what type of skin you have. What does cucumber do for your skin? Whether your skin is dry, or oily, whether your skin is young or old, cucumber soothes, balances, tones, and moisturizes. It said to have astringent properties and to help clear the pores. Cucumber’s astringent effects firm and tighten, balancing oil production and reducing signs of aging. Its desquamation properties promote shedding of the outer layer of dry and damaged skin, and its natural emollient properties combat dryness. Get Started With Cucumber Skincare Refresh Botanicals Facial Toner exfoliates and tones in one step, thanks partially to cucumber. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and  refreshed. Additionally, it has a cooling and soothing effect that decreases swelling, irritation, and inflammation.Let’s take a look at some of the amazing skin-saving components found in cucumber extract:It has magnesium, which helps maintain skin elasticity, and potassium, which [...]

How To Hydrate Skin Overnight With Just 2 Natural Products!

The night is more magical than the day! While you might be excused for skipping a complete skin care routine in the morning, night is an important time to pamper your skin.Every day you expose your skin to harsh UV rays, pollutants and, yes, never-ending stress, which makes it all the more important to take care of your skin during the night. To maintain a glowing complexion and skin that looks fresh and hydrated, you need to choose the right products and invest time in your skincare routine. Why Your Night Skin Routine Needs To Be Different Than Daytime At night your skin cells repair themselves and are better at absorbing nutrients. Recent research has shown that because of the darkness and minimum external disturbance skin cell are restored and your skin rejuvenates faster. Skin cell rejuvenation nearly doubles at night, especially between 11pm and 2am. We all understand removing makeup and cleaning the skin properly before going to bed is a crucial step that nobody should skip, however, to maximize the health of your skin you need to do little [...]

Refresh Botanicals’ 3 Step Winter Skin Care Routine

Cold temperatures and strong winds can make our skin feel tight, sensitive and irritated in winter. Add changes in your diet, stress around the holidays, and a lack of sunlight, and you’re likely to find yourself with lackluster, dull-looking skin. Since we are already into winters, we thought it was time to share our cold-weather skincare guide, available at your fingertips. Here are three steps to reclaim and maintain your youthful glow in winter:1. Cleanse, Exfoliate & Tone Step one in our skincare routine is removing unwanted residue without drying skin out. Our cleanser’s main ingredient is the moisturizing “queen” of all oils – coconut oil. It has the incredible property to seal in moisture and provide extremely hydrated skin, two essentials for your radiant winter! Coconut oil has gained colossal popularity in today’s diet due to its healthy saturated fats called medium-chain triglycerides. While these fats have evidence-based health benefits such as body fat loss and lowered risk of heart diseases, we love them in our cleanser for their antibacterial properties. Next step is to exfoliate dead skin cells, however, imagine [...]

6 Powerful Fall Spices to Help Clear Your Skin

Not only a fantastic culinary addition to your meals, spices are an essential component to your diet, adding loads of health-protective phytochemicals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They have strong anti-inflammatory effects, boost natural healing and skin rejuvenation, combat aging, and help to clear acne-causing toxins and infection. If that isn’t enough, they are extremely cost-effective and will last for years in their dried form!So how about benefiting your health and your skin (as much as your taste buds) with these powerful spices? Here’s what you need to add to your cabinet this Fall: CinnamonThis ‘warming' spice is a favorite among many, as it makes for a delicious addition to those seasonal pumpkin pies and frothy lattes! Aside from being so flavorful, this spice has the ability to improve circulation (essential for skin rejuvenation), while acting as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Taken internally this will help clear up skin from acne, and taken externally it will act as a natural skin flush, drawing blood to the surface of the skin, increasing skin breath-ability, and building circulation.CuminA fantastic spice to prevent pre-mature aging, [...]

How to Properly Read a Skin Care Label

Our skin absorbs 70% of what we put on it, making it of major importance to be mindful of the ingredients we are choosing to lather on. It’s a bit frightening to know the types of chemicals allowed into skin care products, and even more so how they can build up in one’s system, causing an accumulation of toxins throughout the body. Not only can this contribute to a variety of health ailments, but also work against the skin care goals they’re attempting to achieve. To illustrate, preservatives and fragrances added to many products will have a drying effect while acting as an irritant, promoting eventual inflammation of the skin, irritation, and breakouts. Even more, since the skin acts as one of our primary organs of elimination, a build up of toxins in the body will have to eventually leave, amounting to this toxic debris leaving the skin’s pores in unsightly ways.Therefore, you can see how learning the art of reading a skin care label is paramount! Here’s what you need to look out for:Stay Clear of the following [...]

9 Vital Habits for Radiant Skin

Your skin is literally an outward expression of what is going on inside your body, amplifying the results of healthy habits OR displaying struggle with the opposite. Its radiance is highly dependent on both how you are caring for your skin on the outside AND how you’re treating your body on the inside as well. Here are 10 vital habits to keep your skin glowing and radiant!1.Eat a Clean DietDiet is listed first because it is always the most fundamental. Your body needs live, nutrient-rich foods to thrive and function optimally. That is, plenty of high-quality {aka local and organic} fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains, raw nuts, and seeds. Foods that are processed/refined, contain additives and preservatives, are genetically modified, have pesticide residue, not only contribute to the toxic load on the body, but fail to provide adequate nutrition. For one, without proper nourishment, your skin does not have the building blocks it needs to build collagen, which is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Animal products should also be kept at a very minimum or eliminated completely. 2.Eliminate ObstaclesThere are [...]