Refresh BotanicalsTM natural and organic skin care products are formulated to create the skin you want. Healthy skin should be calmed when distressed, conditioned daily, and always protected naturally with the botanical life force of plants.

All of Refresh BotanicalsTM Everyday and Extra Care products are formulated with a proprietary blend  of Cucumber Extract and Cornflower Water to relieve, restore, and revitalize even the most sensitive skin and eyes.

Refresh BotanicalsTM is organically sourced, but we take it to the next level where our research in powerful bioactives allows us to zero in and take a look at specific botanical molecules that address very specific skin care concerns so that efficacy is never compromised. Refresh BotanicalsTM formulations are intentionally made and offer a global perspective for skin care concerns. We know the value of tried and true skin care rituals globally and combine them with scientifically backed research. We also know that alleviating everyday skin care concerns, regardless of what stage of life you are in, require scientific evidence through research and the absence of parabens, gluten, petroleum by-products, animal by-products, and artificial oils, alcohol and fragrances. Our natural and organic skin care allows you to refresh your routine with unequivocal vitamin and antioxidant support to relieve, restore and revitalize your skin.

We Are Canadian

Refresh BotanicalsTM is proudly Canadian and all of our research and manufacturing resides in Canada. We strive to continuously research cutting edge trends in organic skin care with our Canadian biochemists and formulators that are committed to addressing everyday skin care concerns through innovative skin care solutions.

From product idea inception, to manufacturing our natural and organic skincare, we take pride in our research, quality of organically sourced ingredients, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. All of our products meet Canada’s stringent health and standard regulations in our industry while keeping our products highly natural and organic.

Refresh BotanicalsTM is manufactured in our 4000 square feet production facility that is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment which includes world class manufacturing tanks, deionized water plant, automated filling lines and labelling machines. Needless to mention, we follow the strictest procedures prescribed under NNHP GMP and Health Canada guidelines. We make sure that that we verify the purity of our ingredients, uniformity of our production batches, stability data, in-process integrity and safety, and shelf life data. We ensure that we meet or regularly exceed government standards through ISO certified and Health Canada accredited laboratory.

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