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Organic Facial Care

Relieve, Restore and Revitalize with Refresh Botanicals™ at any stage of life. Skin should be calmed when distressed, conditioned daily, and protected always – with the botanical life force of plants.

With Refresh Botanicals™ you know exactly what’s being put on your skin – just natural and organic skin care products.

With scientifically supported bioactives, reveal timeless, radiant looking skin – vital antioxidants do the work by fighting off free radicals that contribute to most skin care concerns. 

Refresh Botanicals™ Everyday Care and Extra Care Products are intentionally designed to grow with you to address your skin care concerns from breakouts to antiaging. Choosing organic skin care products has never been so easy! 

Refresh Botanicals™ is formulated without parabens, petroleum-by products, animal by-products, gluten, and artificial fragrances, oils or alcohols. Proudly Canadian made and never tested on animals. 

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