5 Steps to Effectively Use Face Clay Mask for Spotless Skin

clay mask
clay mask

If you want to look stunning, the trick is simple: adorn your skin with optimum love. But, many fail to realize this basic hack. For some, it is because they believe caring for their skin involves taking their bath three times daily, washing their face every second, and using the most expensive cream. While for others, it is because they don’t care!

Regardless of where you lie, you must understand that your skin is key to your appearance. Thus, it makes sense to ensure that it is as sparkling as ever. And how do you do that?

While we understand that you may have many options in mind, we firmly believe that Clay Mask is the answer to your skin problems. Put differently, a clay mask can transform your skin from a dilapidated Volkswagen Beetle to a smashing Lamborghini Murcielago.

In light of this, we‘ll be providing you with some invaluable tips on how to use this skincare product to beautify your skin. But wait! Before we jump into the main purpose of this guide, let’s enlighten you on what a clay mask is.

What is Clay Mask?

No! A clay mask isn’t an actual mask molded with clay. Instead, clay masks are made from different types of clay that boast the ability to absorb oil and bacteria, leaving you with clearer, cleaner skin. These deep cleansing masks are sold to treat various types of skin conditions like acne, dry skin, etc. They also come with properties that can give you tighter and more youthful-looking skin.

The clay used in the production of clay masks usually comes with a negative pH, while our skin has a fairly positive pH. This is one reason why the mask effectively extracts oil and impurities from your skin into the clay and is washed away when you rinse off the mask.

How do you apply a face clay mask for spotless skin?

Having understood what a face clay mask is—including some of the impressive benefits it boasts of—you may be super-eager to lay your hands on one and apply it. However, before making such a move, you need to understand how to apply it to achieve spotless skin.

Step 1: Cleanse

As you have guessed, cleansing is the first step. Here you are required to wash your face with warm water and soap. Don’t like soap? You can wash your face using a gentle natural skin pore cleanser like Refresh Botanicals Facial Cleanser. Doing this will ensure that your surface is clean and smooth, which is key to the application process.

After cleaning your face, pat it dry with a clean and soft towel. While cleaning your face using any of the methods above, you can consider replacing the water with other liquid ingredients, like milk, yogurt, honey, juices, or egg whites. Or, you can consider herbal infusion, calendula to soften and smooth, lavender to cleanse and stimulate relaxation, peppermint to soothe and revitalize, etc.

Step 2: Make the face clay mask

Making the mask is one of the exciting steps in the application process. It is pretty easy, so you have no reason to be anxious.

First off, you need to put some amount (two tablespoons) of clay into a bowl, including a little amount of rosewater. Afterward, add enough water to make a perfect paste.

Make sure the mixture isn’t watery. Instead, it should be thick enough to spread and stick to your face. However, avoid making it too thick as it won’t dry on your skin, nor too watery as it’ll runoff.

Step 3: Apply the mask

This is the fun part. To apply the mask, you need to scoop the paste with your fingertip then rub it all over your skin except the skin around your eyes.

Step 4: Let sit

After applying the mask, you need to give it some time to dry. While waiting for it to dry, you can decide to lie down and relax. Or, you can engage in something to zone out. Depending on the thickness of the mixture, this can take 10 to 30 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse

Aha! The unveiling process. I bet you are excited to see the marvelous transformation. After waiting for 10 to 30 minutes, it’s time to rinse your face.

Make sure you get the clay off with warm water. Afterward, use a wet washcloth to dry your face, if required. Follow up with a rinse of cool water. You can also finish with an effective toner like the Cucumber and Cornflower Facial Toner and/or a nourishing moisturizer like the Daily Facial Moisturizer with Rose and Coriander.

Benefits of Clay Mask

Do you doubt the potential of a clay mask? Or aren’t you sure if it’s right for your skin? Below is a sneak peek into the impressive benefits of this mixture.

• Help clear your skin.

• Brighten your skin

• The ideal solution for oily skin

• Good for hydrating skin

• It boasts of anti-microbial properties

• Protects your skin from skin diseases

• Oxygenate your skin cells

Considering the impressive benefits of a clay mask, it is safe to say that it is one of the most effective natural skincare products. That said, if you want to enhance the look of your skin, it makes sense to get it and include it in your skincare routine.

Purchasing the right Clay Mask

When searching for the ideal clay mask for your skin, you will be overwhelmed with several options. However, to ensure you derive the best value for your money, you must buy from the right source. And that is where we come in.

Refresh Botanicals™ – the Organic and Natural brand has novel facial and body care products such as skin pore cleansers, moisturizers, toners, including clay masks. The deep cleanse masks are unlike those generic clay masks that promise you the world but fail to deliver. Instead, they are effective, thanks to the nitrifying ingredients they boast of. In addition, they come in two variations – Refreshing MAGICAL Mask that is suitable for all skin types with Canadian Glacial Clay and Indian Healing Clay and Classic MAGICAL Mask with added advantage of Indian Sandalwood suitable for acne prone skin.

Using the right clay for your skin

For the best result, it is essential that you use quality clay. In addition, it makes sense to use clay that suits your skin type. For instance, if you have oily skin, it is advised that you use the clay powder infused with sandalwood. While if you have normal, oily, or combination skin, try the healing clay.

What if you aren’t sure of your skin type? What do you do? In that case, you should go for the Bentonite clay powder, also known as the healing clay. Or you can go for glacial clay. Both types of clay are ideal for all skin types. Individuals with sensitive skin should go for Kaolin clay powder.

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